, August 19, 2018
by Hala Oran

8 Tips To Help You Layer Your Necklaces Like A Pro

Every season a few jewellery trends would take over and we would scramble to be ahead of everyone else to snap that look! Be it hoop earrings, pearls, or shell jewellery… this season is filled with hip trends ….but one trend caught our eye….since it’s everywhere …and we couldn’t help but take note! The layered necklaces look, as well as the coin pendant trend, have made us fall in love with layering all over again. Even though nailing the look feels a little tricky but it is easier than you would expect. Read below for our 8 easy tips to help you nail necklace layering.

1 || Start With A Coin Necklace

To start building this look you will need a coin necklace as a focal point. This necklace will need to be longer in length to accommodate adding a few necklaces that will be shorter and also possibly longer in length.

2 || Mix and Match Chains

Create an interesting visual by playing around with texture and size. Try mixing different styles of chains and watch how they compliment each other and how each one will stand out.

3 || Add Pendants

Again, the key here is to pay attention to the different lengths. Make sure when you add pendant necklaces that each one sits alone and has its moment.

4 || Borrow or Invest In Vintage Designer Necklaces

Throw it back to the 80’s and invest in vintage jewellery for a dramatic look worthy of Madonna’s early days.

5 || Add Shells

Latch on to the latest trend by adding seashell jewellery. This could be the perfect addition to your all-gold stack.

6 || Simple Chains

Even though more is more if we want to nail this trend but for those of you who are into dainty necklaces, this look can be achieved by layering a number of simple chains that don’t overwhelm or feel over-the-top. Just make sure the chains have different lengths. You do not even need to have pendants. You can also invest in an all-in-one layered necklace.

7 || Art Deco

If you want more drama but not interested in vintage or others you can add art-deco inspired jewellery pieces that are sure to draw attention.

8 || The Tennis Champion

You can even bring out the big guns and add a diamond tennis choker to the mix for an added oomph. The tennis chokers are now allowed to see the sunlight, so wear yours during the day and fear not.

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Aug 19, 2018