Amman, November 13, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

8 Super Makeup Techniques For Hooded Eyed Women

Are You Born With Hooded Eyes? Smudged eyeliners and creased eyeshadows the story of your life? We Got Your Back!

To begin with, we’ve got great news for you, you are not alone! Think of Nicole Kidman, or the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence and Blake Lively, the legendary Claudia Schiffer and Adriana Lima.. Yes these drop dead gorgeous women have hooded eyes, but guess what they look amazing all the time! How do they make the most of their eye makeup? It is certainly a challenge, if you are heavy lidded CIIN is here to set your eyeliner paths straight and 7 other tips to having flawless eye makeup..

1 || Go Waterproof All The Time!

Smudged eye makeup…? Your aim is always choosing high-quality water, sweat and tear-proof formulas. Whatever eyeliner goals you have will stay put in an artful perfect way…No blinking hazards or eyeliner landing on your brow bones anymore… Next step in the waterproof department should be a bulletproof mascara.

2 || Primer Goals

When eye makeup primers are not in every woman’s makeup vanity, for those who are hooded eyed it’s another story.. It’s a MUST! It will anchor your liner and shadow to your lid while limiting creasing, preventing eye makeup migration..

3 || Don’t Smoke Up!

By that we mean don’t go for dark, block-like eye shadow colors that cover the entire lid.. This heavy handed application with shady hues is likely to make your eyes look smaller and your lids more sleepy. Go for a subtle ‘highlighting’ shade in the inner corners to make your eyes look wider and brighter, and dab a smidgen of the same shade under the brow bone to create definition.

4 || Be Hazy..

Be vague when it comes to your eye shadow hues.. A hazy wash of color will serve you well, forget angular or ultra defined shading, your tool of success will be a fluffy brush. This will achieve a more subtle, blended finish.

5 || Hold The Line…Tight

Talk about tightening.. Which is tracing your eye liner as close to the lash-line as possible. Ditch heavy lining as it is likely to be a bit of a waste of time and effort if you’re in the hooded eye department, it will either smudge or can make your eyes look a bit tired.

6 || Flip A Curl

Look awake and sign up for a life of daily eyelash curling.. Give your lashes a squeeze with a good quality curler before applying mascara- it’ll give eyes that are sometimes hidden in the shadows a lift.

7 || Keep It High Brow

Groomed, full and thick brows are particularly helpful when your eyes have become hooded over time, those will make your eye area look more youthful.

8 || Conceal The Deal

Fact: hooded eyes can make you look tired, even if you’re getting your 8-hour beauty sleep.. Brighten up the eye area with a fatigue fighting concealer that will disguise shadows, whether naturally created by your eye shape or the result of slight eye makeup fallout.

Nov 13, 2017