Amman, April 17, 2016
by Yasmeen Shawwa

8 Facts You Never Knew About Chanel

All through these decades, Mademoiselle Coco Chanel has proven to the fashion world that there is absolutely no glory that matches wearing or owning a Chanel beauty.. Weather it’s their timeless bags, elegant tweed LBD’s or remarkable chain necklaces. Her brilliant successor, Karl Lagerfeld made us all crave Chanel’s DNA in our blood..Successfully evolving her legacy in a prodigious way.. However , there’s a story behind each quintessentially stylish Chanel piece that remains integral to their designs. Chanel is a vocabulary, a set of canons, a discipline, a grammar.. CIIN gives you a lesson in Chanel, 8 facts you never knew about Chanel’s DNA..

#1 The Handbag

Chanel drew inspiration from men’s military satchels, their bags with straps became an essential.. In February 1955 Gabrielle Chanel gave it a quilted diamond shape pattern, burgundy lining, double C stamps, interlaced strap marked the birth of the 2:55 Chanel bag..

#2 The Little Black Dress

The revolutionary style reminiscent of the uniform worn by nuns at Aubazine, a new silhouette was created, that of a Parisienne chic, Karl Lagerfeld constantly reinvents it in jersey, crepe and silk..

#3 The Costume Jewelry

The illumination of Gabrielle Chanel. Necklaces made of baroque, gem stones and crystal embellishments depicts precious glimpses in her life.. Those necklaces enhance the structure of any dress..

#4 The Camellia

A flower picked from nature’s greens, used to embellish hats, dresses and shoes.. Mademoiselle made it her emblem preferring white of coarse, with its geometric perfection, it works as a halo of light on a black dress.. Either made of leather, cotton or silk, embroidered, printed or knitted, the Camellia is completely scentless as not to cast a shadow on No. 5..

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