, April 17, 2018
by Hala Oran

8 Facts To Learn About Keratin Hair Treatments

Sailing into summer means that we will embark on a number of changes with regards to our beauty routine, and from what I’ve noticed it seems that the girls are flocking to book hair-smoothing Keratin treatments prior to their spring or summer vacations. This makes perfect sense since these treatments promise silky flowing locks despite the weather… which means a dip in the pool or the sea won’t be off limits anymore. These tempting in-salon treatments pack a bunch of chemicals and take you back some pretty penny so before you embark on such an important step there a number of facts you need to learn about Keratin hair-smoothing treatments.

1 || Know what you are paying for.

Keratin salon treatments are pricey and they should be. They revolve around the $200 mark since you are paying for the trusted products, the technician’s experience, the time spent on your hair, and for proper ventilation. Don’t be fooled into trying out anything that looks too good to be true.

2 || Beware; the treatment could include formaldehyde even if it says it doesn’t.

Formaldehyde is a possible carcinogen and it’s technically a gas which can be released when certain chemicals are heated or mixed with water. The chemicals that do that are methylene glycol, formalin, methanal, and methanediol. Be very specific when you ask your salon about the ingredients that are going to be used in your treatment, since any hair-smoothing ingredient might contain the dreaded formaldehyde… expect that many salons won’t admit it.

3 || Look for formaldehyde alternatives.

New hair-smoothing treatments are currently using glyoxylic acid (or any of its derivatives) to tame the hair and make it straighter, there’s also the Keratin Complex treatment, and these are both formaldehyde-free, however they are not as powerful. The results aren’t as impressive as when you use formaldehyde and they won’t last for more than two to three months.

4 || Keratin will not de-frizz your hair.

Ironically, despite the name “keratin treatment”, but keratin is not the ingredient that actually does the straightening. The ingredients that actually do that are ammonium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide, and they work by breaking the hair’s bonds and thus transforming curly or wavy hair to straight. These treatments last until hair grows out so there is an awkward growing-out phase.

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5 || Switch up shampoos.

You don’t have to surrender to the pressure of buying the salon shampoo that promises to extend the results of the treatment, any sulfate-free shampoo will do. Also beware that beach-wave sprays are usually full of sulphates and salts and will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

6 || IF you’ve always fancied a pixie-cut, have a hair-smoothing treatment before.

IF you’re feeling daring before the summer and are considering a major chop-up, have a hair smoothing treatment to set the look prior to chopping off these locks. Make sure you don’t pay the normal fees for such a treatment since you’re cutting it off afterwards.

7 || Believe-it-or-not you can do this at home.

There are many at-home hair smoothing treatments that straighten the hair without affecting the hair’s bonds. However, these don’t offer long lasting results like their salon counterparts. What they do is that they usually coat the hair with a barrier and keep humidity from affecting the hair.

8 || Doing a salon-treatment twice a year is more than enough.

You are weakening your hair with each treatment you do but we guess you already knew that. So, unless you have completely out-of-control hair, you might want to save your treatments to when you need them the most, which is most likely in the summer.

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Apr 17, 2018