Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, March 29, 2018
by Suhad Shtayyeh

8 Brands We’re Loving For Spring 2018


Yeon is a vision of sophistication, born and raised in Seoul, she now resides and designs in NYC.

Yeon designs with a small team in her Greenwich Street Atelier in New York City. From there, each pattern, thoughtfully considered, is brought to life in France. Yeon designs for modern women who appreciate hand-craft, exquisite fabrics and slow fashion. Her pieces are meant to be collected, lived in and cherished for a lifetime.


You know a brand is on trend when New York’s jetset support it… Best known for her contemporary approach to evening wear, and heavenly fabrics which are sourced in Paris, Ali O’Neill also gives customers the option to customize which is great!


Co-designers Kathryn Forth and Julia Retorto joined forces with a common goal to rebel against cookie-cutter digital design and bring the design process back to its fundamentally tactile roots.

Each Acler piece is developed over a process of 12 months, and is subtly redrafted, and redraped along the way, allowing the design to take on its own form naturally.

The end result is a meticulously constructed piece, which has an organic sculptural shape and an ultimately refined minimalism.


Brazilian Patricia Bonaldi creates designs that are fun and relatable. She has risen to great recognition in the past 12 months and has become a social phenomenon. Her pieces are the Brazilian equivalent to Zimmerman and Needle and Thread.

Delfi Collective

Shushan Szakolczay and Jasmina Hadzimujagic are based in LA and named their ethically produced line after the iconic Delphos gown—crafted from fine pleats in the early the 20-century. Their collection is fun yet well made, full of pleats and frills for the little girl in you, with a generous dose of sexy added.

Silvia Tcherassi

If you like Johanna Ortiz then you will love Silvia Tcherassi. Colombian born, her collection is based on separates that can each act as a hero piece. This brand is the spice to your outfit.

Paper London

We love Paper London for its bold approach to fashion. Although minimalist in its colors and prints, theirs is a very dramatic approach to shapes and volumes.

Zoe Jordan

Less formal than the above brands, Zoe Jordan has a real talent for creating casual wear with character. Sweaters and pants are transformed into statement pieces to spruce up your daywear.

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