, October 9, 2018
by Hala Oran

7 Tips On How To Wear Daytime Sequins!

Sequins…..hmmm! Sequins are such a huge trend this season that they’ve even been deemed a staple for daytime dressing. For those who know me would know that this is going to be quite a challenging article …well for starters I don’t even wear sequins during the night let alone be able to wear them during daytime! However, since I’ve vowed to shake things up style wise, I am willing to take baby steps, and for now that means that I’m at least willing to do the research required and then we’ll take it from there! In our minds, sequins are associated with 80’s dress up, disco balls and New Year’s Eves but that is not the case anymore! Most designers have included sequins in their collections; Marni, Erdem, Halpern, and many others have made us drool at lust-worthy sequined numbers include Moi…So how do you wear sequins during the day?? Check out our 7 tips on how to wear sequins during the day.

1 || Sequined Graphic T-Shirts

If you’re the faint-hearted type, start slow and gradual and wear your sequins via graphic t-shirts. You can pair these t-shirts with long skirts or you can play them down with boyfriend jeans. Sequined sweatshirts will crop up quite soon too so you may need to keep your eyes and options open.

2 || Sequined Blouse

If you were able to pull off the sequined tee with ease this means that you’re ready for the next step; a sequined blouse. This will definitely have to be worn with something casual on the bottom so it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard!

3 || Sequined Pencil Skirts

I’m sure you’ve seen them around and I’m also positive that you cannot see yourself wearing them! These beauties are so versatile and can be worn day and night obviously. For the day it is crucial to dress them down by wearing them with a graphic tee or a denim shirt and sneakers. The weather cooling down means you can also pair them with a plain sweater or a checked shirt.

4 || Sequin Dress

Yes fear not…you can pull off a sequined dress during the day but make sure the silhouette works for daytime.

5 || Sequined Jackets

Wearing daytime sequins becomes much easier during the cooler months since you can easily incorporate daytime sequins in a bomber jacket or a utility jacket.

6 || Sequin Bags

If you’re still not bought on daytime sequins then at least you must incorporate them into your accessories, think the famous Attico bag….

7 || Sequined Sneakers

This may be the easiest way to wear sequins, sort of out of sight ….

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