Amman, October 1, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

7 Common Cleansing Mistakes That You’ll Want To Correct Fast

Wanna know the best part of my daily beauty routine..? Washing, cleansing my face are considered crucial as proper cleansing sets the basis for a successful and efficient further product application… It should happen twice a day, however, I sometimes wash and cleanse no less than 3 times per day.. Depending on the schedule that defines that specific day.. Why do I stress on it? Because if the cleansing part is not done correctly, it could be holding me back from my best skin scenario. The problem is, cleansing involves a number of small tips that most women are unaware of.. Below, 7 common cleansing mistakes that you’ll want to correct—fast.

1 || Washing Your Face With An Aggressive Cleansing Brush…

Your face is your beautiful canvas.. Treat it with much needed TLC! An indication that you might go a bit harsh with cleansing is when you put on an exfoliating acid serum or vitamin C serum and feel it sting in your cheeks more so than everywhere else on your face.. This may be due to having a more aggressive touch in this area and the culprit is usually a brush like the Clarisonic, or any wash tool with bristles that rub off the wrong way! Having said that, cheeks, forehead and sometimes chin tend to be the parts that we usually go over-board with the rubbing and the scrubbing.. Their protruding nature allows for that extra pressing leading to over-exfoliating causing irritation and redness..

What To Do?

Be mindful when using a cleansing brush to make sure it’s evenly getting distributed over the face with a very light pressure. No grinding it into the face!

2 || Washing Your Face With A Cleansing Oil All The Time!

We have advocated the double cleanse previously. That which involves cleansing and removing impurities using an oil based cleanser followed by a water based one.. Well that is a great technique that guarantees deep cleansing.. However, our faces are not that clogged with makeup and other pollutants the whole time, another reason why you should ditch the oil based cleansers is that any products applied afterward will not be able to penetrate through and therefore, won’t be working as efficiently.

What To Do?

If you really want to use a cleansing oil or balm, be sure to do a second cleanse afterward with a gentle foaming cleanser followed by a baby washcloth to cut the oil residue that was left behind.

3 || After Washing Your Face, You’re Waiting Too Long Before Applying Your Next Product…

One mistake many women do and at one point I was one of them.. Wiping your face dry after done with cleansing is like blocking all your pores and preventing any product coming after from really sinking in! By doing so, you are compromising the health and hydration qualities of your skin. Before you lose all that moisture that came from cleansing apply an alcohol-free toner and immediately go for your desired serum or cream after..This will allow for better product penetration.. I personally re-wet my face by spritzing thermal water all over and primarily apply hyaluronic acid serum to my damp face.. Did you know it’s the only way you will reap the benefits of this number 1 hydrating ingredient?

What to Do?

Always remember; you have a one minute window after washing your face before moisture evaporation occurs which quickly leads to dehydration.

4 || You’re Only Using A Cleansing Wipe To Remove Makeup…

We understand, you might not have all the time in the world to do proper cleansing.. After all aren’t we all busy people? Sadly, we’ve got news for you, those OTC cleansing wipes won’t effectively clean the skin. Instead, they just smear debris and makeup across the face. It’s technically like applying cleanser to your face with soap and then not washing it off. A cleanser without the addition of any water will break down and dissolve the dirt in the oily portion of the soap (surfactant) molecule only. Then it will remove some of it onto the wipe. However, it’s the actual rinsing action from water that thoroughly removes it and cleans the skin.

What To Do?

Reserve cleansing wipes for rare occasions like traveling, post workout quick freshening up or camping since no wipe will ever be as effective as a proper cleanse. Instead, invest in a well-formulated rinse-off cleanser.

5 || You Ditch Morning Face Washing…!

Washing your face in the morning allows for a clean slate and a fresh start for an amazing morning skincare routine. Practically speaking, how can you even wake up without doing so?? Thinking that your face is makeup-free doesn’t mean you should never wash it! Removing toxins and sebum that were produced while you sleep along with your nighttime products will make way for your daytime products (particularly sunscreen moisturizer) to get into the skin better.

6 || You’re Not Investing In A Good Quality Cleanser…

Thinking that cleansers are made to do their cleaning job and then being rinsed off is not an excuse to purchase cheap options! As previously mentioned, cleansing sets the proper basis for your skin care routine, going cheap will not maximize the efficacy of your following pricy products! Remember, it’s all about quality!

What To Do?

Look for a cleanser that is free of common irritants such as sulfates, synthetic fragrance and dyes..

7 || You’re Using The Wrong Cleanser For Your Skin Type…

One size does not and will never fit all when it comes to skin care! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you’re in your 20s and dealing with adult acne, your skin has different requirements than your 50-year-old mother.

What To Do?

Pay your dermatologist or esthetician a worthy visit and analyze your skin type.. This’ll do you a great favor in terms of identifying your skin type and what it badly needs or doesn’t for that matter!

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