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Amman, December 23, 2018
by Suhad Shtayyeh

6 Ways to Stay Warm in Evening Wear

One thing’s for certain, frozen is not a very glamorous look. Some women don’t feel the chill much, willingly handing over their outer coat at the valet. Others hand over their coats only to reveal a cashmere shawl that will conceal their dress for the rest of the evening. The up side is, no one saw the dress so you can wear it again and again ;)

We’ve come up with some warm ideas for your next formal event, that won’t ruin your outfit, you’re welcome..

1 || Make Your Jacket or Cardigan Part of the Outfit

We love shrunken jacket in metallic lamé or prints for this reason specifically. You can also consider a belted cardigan, worn fashionable over a long or midi dress for a Prada-like style.

2 || Wear a Fine Turtleneck

Luckily this is the trendiest look of the season, as dictated by Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri. Pull out the finest turtleneck you have and wear it under your evening dress. Make sure the colors are as similar as possible. This look is best when the dress in question has some sheerness to it. Otherwise you might just look like you’ve piled your clothes on.

3 || Try an Embellished Skirt

We love a heavily embellished full skirt, tutu or not. Match it to a tight-fitting long sleeved top and you are ready to roll. It is best if the fitted top is in a stretchy knit fabric, otherwise there will be too many creases.

4 || Tuxedos, Kimonos and Jumpsuits

Who said you had to wear a dress anyway? Up your fashion ante with a more courageous androgynous look. Dramatize your makeup, slick your hair back and voila, you are hip and warm.

5 || Have You Ever Worn Leather in the Summer?

Leather can make you sweat, which means it keeps you warm. Try a tight-fitting leather midi dress or a pleated skirt and embellished top. You might not sweat but you won’t shiver either.

6 || Thank God For Modest Fashion

It used to be almost impossible to find a long sleeved party dress, now we can’t get enough of them. At every budget and in every style imaginable, you should have no problem finding the perfect long sleeved dress. Please note, proportions-wise, long sleeves best suit a dress length midi and beyond. Shorter than that and you might end up looking a little childlike.

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