Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, November 19, 2017
by Suhad Shtayyeh

6 Ways NOT to Wear the Thigh High Boot Trend

Yes thigh high boots are in and you may be tempted, but there is still a lot of fear in this look.It can honestly go in the undesirable Julia-Roberts-in-Pretty-Woman direction.CIIN tells you what to avoid, but first we’ve broken down the boot heights to super which is mid thigh, high which is above the knee and normal which is barely covering the knee.

1 || Don’t be Generous with Bagginess

The formula should be the higher the boot the less baggy it should be. The super when worn at mid thigh genuinely looks like you are going fishing… or worse…

2 || Comic Super Heroes You Are Not

A lot of times, we find the idea of thigh highs overwhelming so we instinctively dull everything else down so we feel less self conscious. This can seriously make you look like superwoman or worse batman. Consider similar shades of the same color, perhaps in different prints and textures to keep things interesting.

3 || These Boots Were Made For Walking

Seriously these boots aren’t associated with ‘women of the night’ for nothing. And the way they were worn was with a mini skirt which means skin needs to show. The variety of height of boot helps with this issue. Depending on the length of your usual skirt, calculate no less than 8cm from end of skirt to top of boot. Keep in mind that the style of the skirt will help with the image, the floatier the more innocent-looking. Fine… you can wear tights with your skirt for more coverage…

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4 || Don’t Like the Above Idea?

Yet another compromise, you can wear a similar length skirt with a slit, or a pair of shorts and duster coat. Anything that allows you to show some leg without taking you out of your comfort zone. The Duchess of Fashion Victoria Beckham in addition to Karl at Fendi have broken this rule, the models of these Fall 2017 collections came down the runway in baggy boots covered in a midi skirt. Just a reminder that these girls are super tall and skinny…

5 || If You Really Have To

Thigh high boots were not made to be worn with jeans although tights and leggings are acceptable.If you really need to though, ensure that they aren’t of the super variety, the fabrics tug at each other and no matter how hard you try, there will always be bunching over the knees.

6 || Not The Skinniest Thighs?

Yes its true, if you wear thigh highs with pants/leggings etc you will inevitably be cutting your leg length in half… There will always be a contrast in colors unless you opt for the superman option, so for ladies that need a little help in the thigh department opt for a pair that have an artistic cut at the top to divert the eye from the harsh horizontal line literally cutting your leg in two.

Nov 19, 2017