Amman, October 10, 2017
by Georgiet Kamel

6 Things You Should Never Do Right After Eating

We all know that good food is important to a healthy life (it is also great for the soul). There are certain things you should always keep in mind after having your meal. CIIN sheds light on those after food no-nos.

1 || Sleep

Going to bed right after a meal causes your stomach to burn through the night, which causes discomfort, bloating, and odd sleeping patterns. You know that food coma after your carb-filled meal ? Avoid it !! Both the excess carbs and the snooze.

2 || Smoking

And we thought smoking couldn’t be any worse for you… Well it does. Smoking right after a meal is particularly harmful. It is very important to wait a few hours after having a meal and then smoke a cigarette because cigarettes contain nicotine which can bind to the excess oxygen essential for digestion, thus allowing the body to absorb more carcinogens than usual.

3 || Shower

Showering right after having a meal can increase the blood flow in the legs and hands, thus reducing the blood flow to the stomach. This will weaken your digestive system and lead to stomach pain.

4 || Eating Fruit

The best time for consuming fruit is before a meal, on an empty stomach. Fruits require different enzymes in order to be digested. Also, the sugars contained in fruit needs more time in order to be completely absorbed. Eating fruit after a meal, on the other hand, can cause heartburn and indigestion.

5 || Drinking Tea

Drinking tea right after a meal interferes with iron absorption. The tannic acid in the tea binds with protein and iron in our food, preventing our bodies from reaping the benefits of digesting them. Most of nutritionists suggest that tea or coffee should be consumed at least one hour after any meal. Alternatively herbal infusions aid digestion e.g. peppermint and anise.

6 || Drinking Water

Do not drink immediately after a meal. Drink water before or after 30 minutes, but not ice-water. Ice water does not let the food digest properly because it causes the clumping of food.

Oct 10, 2017