"Vitamin A and antioxidants are the absolute cornerstone of skincare. If you are not using a skincare which has vitamin A and antioxidants in it, you're not using skincare. You are using a skin cream," says Dr Des Fernandes, a vitamin A skincare pioneer.

Below are Ciin's 6 facts you need to know about vitamin A;


Vitamin A is so powerful in achieving great skin; it's actually what acne drug Roaccutane is derived from.


The chemical definition of vitamin A is 'Retinol', which is one of beauty's hero products. This is because it works by telling the skin cells to function normally, which keeps them fresh and young looking.


Another exciting element of vitamin A is that it works as a sunscreen.


When you take vitamin A orally, you never have an adaption phase at all. So you can start straight away on high doses, Whereas on the skin, you have to start low.


Vitamin A works wonders on sunburn too, and taking a high dose immediately after the burning will make it vanish by the next day.

This article was originally posted on 18 Nov, 2015