Amman, December 12, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

6 Dirty Hair Hacks That Will Save Your Day

We all go through that episode where we desperately try to to extend the life-span of good-looking hair when things get busy and we literally have no time to shampoo! Good news is that sometimes you are offering your hair a well-deserved break by allowing all the goodness resulting from the natural hair oils to nourish your scalp and locks.. Moreover, you will be protecting your hair color from quickly fading away.. However, we are faced with a not-so-appealing case scenario of bad hair days. How to make second/ third/ fourth- day hair look presentable? Check out our 6 tips below…

1 || Use Dry Shampoo

The number 1 solution that goes without saying.. Baby powder does the trick as well. The powder will soak up the oils in your scalp, leaving your hair smelling clean and looking more voluminous. For best results, apply it before you go to bed at night.

2 || Play With Your Part

Changing your usual part will reveal cleaner hair. Spray some dry shampoo, run your fingers through to get the product all over to give it lift at the roots, and you'll have bouncy hair in no time!

3 || Try A Messy Bun

In fact, this hair-do looks better with unclean hair! Seize the day and gather your hair into a high ponytail, then secure it in a bun. The messier, the better!

4 || Selective Washing Is Another Lifesaving Tip

This is an amazing hack that will save you time and disguise your greasy head of hair.. Mostly recommended for gals with very thick hair, that is troublesome when fully washed.. By washing just your bangs, or the top portion of your hair you'll notice that your hair looks so much cleaner all over because you've washed the part that gets the most attention.

5 || Upgrade With A Braid!

Take advantage of the endless braiding styles out there and steer the attention away from your greasy hair..

6 || Run A Blow Dryer Through Your Dry Hair

Although it might serve as a short-term tip, sometimes all it takes to give your hair that just-washed lift is to run a blow dryer through it while it’s dry and then style it as usual. That alone can get rid of some of the oil buildup and make it look like you’ve just stepped out of the shower.

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