#1 Create A Sexier Silhouette

Wide leg denim can make your legs a mile long, and if you need the extra length, that's a blessing. If you need a little bit more va-va-voom, find a pair that draws the eye upwards instead, highlighting and accenting your hips.

#2 Highlight Your Beautiful Waist

Feeling like a tube ? Create the illusion of a tiny waist with a pair of denim with a designed waist. The braided waistband, pockets and darts on Victoria's jeans create a sexier silhouette.

#3 Make The Most Of Your Crop Tops

Choose a pair of denim with some character around the waist and hips, that will draw attention to your crop top, and more importantly your toned abs. This exaggerated high waist and patchwork detail gives her a fabulous hourglass shape when matched to a sexy crop top.

#4 Highlight Your Style

Pocketed denim naturally lend themselves to a 70s vibe. A wide leg jeans, although full of character can go un-noticed when the rest of the pieces in your outfit work together to create a statement. The image below simply says, “woman with fabulous style and really long legs".

#5 Vertical Lines Will Stretch You Out

Do you have a tiny waist but not so tiny hips and thighs ? Highlight that waist with a great belt and choose a pair of wide leg jeans that has vertical seams down the front. Can't find them, give your jeans a deep press with an iron to create a similar effect. And if you find a pair of denim with vertical pockets, they will be well worth the purchase. AnnaLynne McCord below has created the illusion of smaller hips by drawing the eye to the vertical pockets, genius really…

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