5 Tell Tale Signs You are Getting Older and What to Do About Them

It has happened to us all, we bump into someone from our past and they are glowing. We tell them how ‘young’ they look, but we don’t really mean it, but we can’t quite put our finger on why they look so vibrant. It’s simply because they know a few golden beauty secrets. Growing older has its wisdom perks for sure, not so much on the beauty front. CIIN highlights five tell tale signs that you are getting older, and what to do about them.

1 || Your Waist Gets Thicker

You seem to be eating the same amount of food but your waist tells another story. Well we all know that hormones play a large role and there is little that can be done about that. You can however keep these three rules close, don’t drink coffee, soft drinks or eat fruit on a full stomach. If you do want to treat yourself to one of these, do so on an empty stomach. On a full stomach these liquids create terrible acidity that will bloat you beyond belief. And who are we kidding, a good dose of daily ab workouts is a must.

2 || Your Eyelashes Are Shorter and More Sparse

Eyelashes are in fact a very strong indicator of beauty and youth. With age, and with years of mascara (waterproof more so), we lose lashes. Add a few individual false lashes to skim a few years off your look. Latisse, a US-based medication has been proven to lengthen your lashes also. Many women also swear by castor oil… Amina Mango makes an all natural heavenly eyelash booster, check it out.

3 || Your Décolleté Gets Wrinkled

All those years of sitting in the sun are finally catching up with you, more so on your chest than your face. You have cared for your face with creams for years but some how neglected the décolleté. Well it’s never too late, focus on reducing sun spots, improving elasticity and of course a high SPF when in the sun.

4 || Your Teeth Aren’t As White And Your Gums Are Receding

With age we need to care differently for our teeth, we need to whiten them often to combat the effects of coffee, cigarettes and red wine. Another issue you may notice is the receding of your gum line. This results in black lines defining your teeth in photos. Where your gums used to be is now a dark space resulting in this shadow. Speak to you dentist about options…

5 || Less Sex Less Glow

I am guessing you are having less sex…Which means less orgasms. Never underestimate the power of sex to give you a youthful glow. So, what are you waiting for!


Jul 11, 2016