Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, November 5, 2017
by Suhad Shtayyeh

5 Nail Trends to Know for Fall 2017

One of the things we can really experiment with without totally breaking the bank is nail color. What a difference a color makes! We won’t be able to reinvent the wheel by suggesting basic nudes, because honestly those colors don’t change with the season. Also, nudes in particular have a lot to do with your skin-tone, so you know best when it comes to that. We do though have 5 strong fall trends that you will be keen to experiment with. We’ve taken the guess work further out of the equation by suggesting some of the best shades on the market. Happy shopping…

Deep Reds

There is a real classic deep red movement going on, the shade and tone of red will of course depend on your skin tone, but keep in mind fifties Hollywood glamour.Whether its a deep firetruck red that you are after or a burgundy is up to your mood that week.

Autumn Shades

Teal, burnt orange, khaki and perhaps even a magenta, these are the perfect colors to match to your current outfit.Please note, these colors are honestly a fad and won’t last beyond mid December so don’t spend too much on them.


Well you will be officially in Christmas holiday mode for these shades, so perhaps save them till then.Whatever you choose make sure its bright, strong and fabulously applied.


Brown and beige make br-eige, the fall shade that will work in place of your usual nudes.Take your time experimenting till you find the shade that brings out the rosiness in your hands, and toes!


’tis the season for strong bold shades, from burgundy blacks to deep blues this color requires confidence, attitude and great nails.

Nov 5, 2017