, December 9, 2018
by Hala Oran

5 Nail Polish Ideas To Replace Your Classic Red This Season!

One of my most favourite things during winter is to switch from the bright nail polish colors of summer into the cosy winter shades I love so much. I actually find it difficult to switch back to summer shades once the weather warms up but that’s just me. Nowadays everywhere you go you will see one shade dominating the tips of the beautifully-manicured ladies around you; obviously red. But this season there are so many delicious shades to experiment with, especially during the festive season so let’s take a look around at all the options you can choose from.

1 || Jewel Tones

Deep purples, aubergines, blues, and greens can be easily embraced during winter and especially during this season. Let down your guard and experiment with deeper hues this season and you’ll never go back to red… for now!

2 || Dark Browns

A fabulous alternative to the usual reds and burgundies is a throwback trend to the 90s. Dark shades of brown will compliment any skin tone and will look just as good if not better than classic reds. They’re perfect for you if you’re the type to play it safe!

3 || Blush Nudes

IF you’re a hard nudie…pun intended:) then you will love these winter nudes. Not into electric blues, or other shocking trends? Fear not as nudes will always be on trend. But you may want to switch up your bare nudes with rosy ones for a bit of warmth during the winter season.

4 || Glitter Nail Polish

Yes, you’ve seen them around plenty. Glitter nail polish is having a moment or a phase, only time will tell. You’ve got to put your fears aside and experiment with the trending looks of the moment. All colors work.

5 || Nail Art

Last but not least, is a trend that has been dominating the industry for a while! Nail art is seen as an artistic self-expression and there are thousands of designs to choose from. You can keep it subtle or you can go all out! Marble effect, mirrors, stars, animal print, ombré….these are but a few ideas to get you going.

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