The fashion industry is like a fancy watch, the facade, or face of the watch is what people see most, and therefore assume that it is what tells the time. In fashion this is the runway, or magazine.

Where in actual fact it's the watch's many cogs and pieces hidden inside that actually make it work. These are the many influencers that work behind the scenes to shape opinions and establish new trends. These five personalities are slowly but surely making changes in their fields, keep an eye on them !

#1 Imran Amed

We at CIIN have a serious crush on Imran Amed of BOF. Bringing the brains to the frivolous fashion world is so very attractive, establishing him as one of the fashion industry's leading writers. Starting his blog in 2007, his early followers are intrigued by his consistent and steady rise to fame and credibility. What started off as a hobby from the sofa of his home, has snowballed into one of the most influential fashion media sources in the world. The website, jampacked with everything from the industry's top 500 personalities, to online fashion-related courses and a daily news round up, is a must-have on your bookmark toolbar.

#2 Huda Kattan

Huda means business, steamrolling through the beauty industry with the vigor that can only be attributed to one thing, a genuine passion for what she does. Beginning her journey as a celebrity makeup artist, Huda's beauty blog is one of the most frequented site in the region, her social media presence is impressive to say the least, boasting 6.3 million instagram followers. Huda's foray in the business of beauty was just as fruitful, her best-selling false eyelashes picked up by Sephora internationally, her brand will be going global this month. Hats off to Huda !

#3 The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman is the original street style photographer, perhaps even coining the term street style. He established his photography blog in 2005. A decade later, Scott is still going strong, penning a number of photography books and his work acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Who would have thought that his candid images of people on the streets of the world would unleash such an insatiable thirst for street style photography. Many have followed in his footsteps but he remains the gold standard of street style imagery.

#4 Ahmed Shihab-Eldin

Ahmed is the original global citizen, self-proclaiming himself on instagram as Palestinian by blood, American by birth, Egyptian by upbringing, Kuwaiti by family refuge and Austrian by adolescence. Try beating that…

Who better to report from across the globe than this Emmy-nominated, world acclaimed journalist, with impressive posts at HBO, Huffington Post and Al Jazeera. Featured on the Arabian Business power list of the plant's 100 most influential young Arabs. In 2012 he was featured in Forbes' 30 Under 30 list of 'young disruptors, innovators and media entrepreneurs impatient to change the world'.

Need we say more !

#5 Raya Ani

Raya Ani is impressive, not just in the fact that she is a world-respected architect, included in the 2015 designMENA's '40 Most Powerful Architects In The Middle East.'

Or the fact that she has worked in Germany, Boston, New York and Dubai, and now owns offices in both NY and Dubai.

It's her green attitude that makes people stop in their tracks. Raya designed the first public green school in NYC and two green-certified residential towers in Battery Park City. Her focus on future living and sustainability, still an alien concept to many, and her accomplishments in this field make her a superbly interesting character to meet.