Amman, September 5, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

20 Things You Never Knew About Beyonce

Queen B celebrated her birthday a couple of days ago, today we are going to share with you 20 facts you never knew about the iconic persona.. Beyonce

1 ||

Her full name is Beyonce Giselle Carter-Knowles, she was born in Houston, Texas on Sept 4, 1981. She is 5 ft 6 in tall.

2 ||

‘4’ is Beyonce’s favourite number! Her Birthday is on September 4, Jay-Z’s is on January 4, her wedding day was on April 4, and she named her daughter Blue Ivy as an ode to the Roman numeral four-IV…

3 ||

Beyoncé's singing talent was discovered at the age of 8 in a dance class, when her teacher was singing a song and she finished it hitting all the high notes.

4 ||

Beyoncé suffered from depression for two years, but kept it hidden as it was around the time that Destiny's Child won their Grammy.

5 ||

Queen B invented her alter ego, Sasha Fierce to overcome her shyness..

6 ||

In 2004 The Oxford Dictionary added ‘Bootylicious’ as an official word after Destiny’s child single..

7 ||

“sparkle” is her favourite movie of all time.

8 ||

Her style icon? British supermodel Kate Moss.

9 ||

Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement held the Guinness World Record for ‘most tweets per second at the 2011 MTV VMA Awards..

10 ||

No one else but Queen B had a record breaking 62 Grammy nominations. More than any other female artist in history.. She won 22 of them..

11 ||

Beyoncé's voice is categorized as a mezzo-soprano.

12 ||

She's also signed multi-million dollar endorsement deals with Pepsi, American Express, and L'Oreal.

13 ||

In September 2010 she was named The World's Most Beautiful Woman by People magazine.

14 ||

Beyonce says she sees music.

"I see music. It's more than just what I hear (...) When I'm connected to something, I immediately see a visual or a series of images that are tied to a feeling or an emotion-a memory from my childhood, thoughts about life, my dreams or my fantasies. And they're all connected to the music."

15 ||

Beyonce's favorite makeup to wear is mascara.

16 ||

Her net worth is around $300 million and Jay Z is worth $500 million.

17 ||

Beyoncé only had one boyfriend before Jay Z.

18 ||

Beyonce wrote about her break from performing from 2010-2011. The story is featured on the cover of Essence Magazine. Because of her excellence in writing she was able to win an award from the New York Association of Black Journalists.

19 ||

Even though Beyonce has her own fragrance line, in reality she is allergic to many perfumes. She has to have the majority of her perfumes chemically altered. In that way she does not have an allergic reaction.

20 ||

While Beyonce was on a shopping trip to Macy's in NYC, her own bodygaurd wound up breaking her toe. The bodyguard was trying to keep fans from touching Beyonce and he lost his balance and stepped on her foot.

Sep 5, 2017