20 Outstanding Boutiques You Need To Visit In Marrakech

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We loved shopping in Marrakech. There are great bargains to be found, and we weren’t even looking to shop on our travels. It was just a happy coincidence. As long as the women are modestly dressed and preferably chaperoned by an intimidating man, Marrakech would be a great place for girlfriends to visit and explore. Most of the shops listed are fixed-price, which comes as a relief to us because haggling (which is the norm when shopping in Morocco) wears us out and leaves us wondering if someone got a better deal…

33 Rue Majorelle

33 rue Majorelle is Marrakech’s original concept store. One of a new breed of shops in Marrakech selling contemporary Moroccan fashion and homeware. Conceived by designer Monique Bresson the store features a radiant selection of authentic Moroccan goods – from glasses and furniture to designer clothing and beauty products.

The store prides itself on the fact that genuine Moroccan designers craft the majority of its goods, with more than sixty designer brands altogether – so you might expect a spree here to hit your pocket hard pretty quickly.


Next door to 33 rue Majorelle is Hadaya (gifts in arabic), and that’s exactly what it is, a gift shop. After 48 hours in Morocco you may have overdosed on traditional Moroccan gifts. This is the ideal place to find original gifts for friends, it’s also a good place to stock-up on beach accessories such as flip-flops, straw bags, and beach towels.

Heritage Berbere

Tantalize your sense of smell with this original perfumer, Heritage Berbere is a fabulous place for perfumes, mists, diffusers, cosmetics and candles. The owner Marie-Jeanne has worked in perfumery all her life in the French city of Grasse. Naturally she progressed to open her own shop in Marrakech. Bringing together French sophistication and the natural and artisanal processes Marrakesh is famed for, Heritage Berbere offers a unique selection of scents, that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Atelier Moro

You’ll find this cosy boutique at the entrance to the dyer’s souk in Marrakech, marked by an anonymous wooden door and a number. Tap on the door and Viviana or her assistant Hadia will appear and invite you into a treasure-trove of one-off pieces and top-quality finds from all over Morocco and the world. Beach wraps from Sri Lanka, leather bags designed by Viviana herself, shell necklaces from southern Morocco and a smattering of own-label clothing. Those with a taste for individuality will want to hunt this place out.


If you had to choose one gift shop to visit, we would recommend KifKif. An inventive boutique with unique products made by local artisans. Delightful handbags woven from recycled T-shirts and purses made out of flour sacks line the shelves and make for great gifts. Located outside of the souk makes it a perfect place to get to fast.


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