Noor Fares

Lebanese Noor Fares is based in London, which immediately infuses her designs with that quintessential London edginess. Add to the mix her Lebanese heritage and passion for global adventure and what you get is aesthetically rich design that cannot be recreated. Adored by the creme of the fashion scene crop, has given this young designer the confidence to flourish and hold her own in the world of jewelry design.


Shamsa Alabbar

Emirati born Shamsa Alabbar has a passion for patterns and symbols. Her delicate collection of Arabic letters allows you to play and experiment to your heart's desire. The idea behind her collection is to introduce letters as an art form by reworking Arabic calligraphy into creating unusual pieces.

Joanna Nakhle

Lebanese Joanna Nakhle is a joy to be around, she knows her stuff and loves to share it. Sitting with her in deep conversation on stones and design, her warm and loving nature emanates from her, you simply don't want to go home. Her pieces, a playful twist on the classics give you items that you will treasure for years. Firstly for their originality and lastly for their timelessness.

Yataghan Jewellery

Saudi born Sarah Abudawood has a cult following. Almost always sold out, you need to get your hands on her pieces when you can. Her passion for jewellery-making is inspired by architectural designs.

What does 'Yataghan' mean? Yataghan is a Turkish word that means 'dagger' – a piece of weaponry used in the Ottaman empire. So, the entire symbolism here is to fight for what you believe in, for your individuality. We all need a little bit of that !

Sabine G

Sabine Getty is a London based jewelry designer who draws her inspiration from a rich mix of Eastern and Western cultures which reflect the world in which she grew up in - spending time in Beirut, Lebanon and Geneva, Switzerland, where her story begins before moving to New York City to study jewelry design.

Her style, a mix between antique classic jewelry and colorful contemporary design makes for an intriguing and unique product in a highly competitive market. When you see her items you know they are hers, her identity is strong her vision clear.

Manar Zureikat

When you dream of a certain piece we suggest you call Manar the next morning. Manar is an open creative mind, she has her principles and she knows her stuff but she is willing to listen and dream along with you. Looking for a portrait diamond in champagne, leave it with her. Lusting over a convertible drop earring, no problem, she will design it well and execute it masterfully. Dream a little dream and call Manar Zureikat Farouki !

Nov 17, 2015