Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, December 31, 2017
by Suhad Shtayyeh

2018 Fashion Predictions Countdown || Accessibility

It’s quite incredible how much has changed in the way fashion collections are presented to us. Gone are the days of the fashion show that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to a room full of fashion editors and buyers, only to be stocked in boutiques 4 months later.No one wants to wait that long, and no one wants the middle man either.

It used to be an editor and buyer’s market, what they deemed on trend we would nod to.Today fashion influencers and consumers in general have more of a hand in what becomes fashionable and what doesn’t.The formula has changed considerably and brands are now looking for new ways to attract the customer directly.

It started in 2016 with Riccardo Tisci’s New York show for Givenchy which was open to the public. In an industry first, 1000 tickets were available, 820 for sale and the remainder set a side for college students.Shortly there after Marc Jacobs followed suit with a runway that started outside the venue for all to see.

Fast forward to the Tommy Hilfiger shows, or should we call them extravaganzas and we can clearly see that these shows are now being created for the people.Those ultimate influencers.The thing is people don’t want to wait for their clothes, they want to buy what they see, immediately.The see-now buy-now formula is still being tweaked, but it has kick-started a movement in accessibility.A immediacy that can be accommodated in one of two ways, straight after the show and online, via a website or social media.

Which begs the question, where do the stores and magazines factor into this new equation? That’s for us to find out in 2018!

Dec 31, 2017