, July 12, 2018
by Hala Oran

13 Celebrities Over 35 Spill Their Diet & Fitness Secrets!

Looking at images of Jennifer Anniston, J Lo, and Nicole Kidman and you would immediately think that they’ve struck a deal with the devil, or that they’re blessed with unbelievable genes. True, celebrities have access to top-of-the-line health, beauty, diet, and exercise tips but they all have to work hard at it just like the rest of us. So we decided to do a little investigation to gather for you the best tried-and-true tips that celebrities over 35 live and swear by. Have they found the fountain of youth yet? We guess not but they surely know a thing or two about health, beauty and fitness…

1 || Cindy Crawford 51

To maintain her envy-worthy figure, Cindy does circuit training three times a week using weights, machines and her body weight. She runs stairs and alternates between 10-minutes weights, 5-minutes cardio segments at least three times a week. She finishes up with abs and stretching.

2 || Nicole Kidman 50

When it comes to her choice of diet, Nicole doesn’t believe in depriving herself. She believes in a balance of 80 percent healthy and to have freedom with the remaining 20 percent. She admits that it sometimes falls down to 70 but then again she believes in each person finding his own balance.

3 || Gwyneth Paltrow 44

Actress and founder of Goop admits to working out daily; it’s just like brushing my teeth she explains. She follows a clean diet, and swears by citrus smoothies for when she’s feeling bloated; a grapefruit-based smoothie for example.

4 || Jennifer Aniston 49

Jennifer’s philosophy is simple, she focuses on eating organic fruits and veggies, cuts down on sugar intake, drinks plenty of water and sleeps well. She allows herself the occasional indulgence but she limits white foods to a minimum. As for her exercise regimen, Jennifer breaks it down to 15-minute sections each for quads, elliptical, spinning, and running. She also does the Body by Simone DVD which she claims is unbelievably hard.

5 || Elle MacPherson 53

Aptly named ‘The Body’; Elle follows The Alkaline diet which eliminates red meat, wheat, dairy, sugar and processed foods to create an optimal pH balance in the body. She focuses on eating plenty of fruits, veggies, nuts and legumes.

6 || Salma Hayek 51

Salma loves her fat; the good fat that is! She embraces fat and makes a bone broth that she claims is an excellent natural source of collagen. She explains that people shouldn’t be afraid of fat and should look for healthy ways to incorporate it in their diets.

7 || Sophía Vergara

Vergara controls her gorgeous body by giving in a little. She eats lots of fruits, veggies and fresh meats during the week, but she allows herself ice cream and dessert only on the weekends.

8 || Christie Brinkley 63

Christie’s vegetarian diet helps her look twenty years younger, the model explains. She is also a fan of mindful eating and enjoys meal preparation rituals; she starts her day with a glass of warm water and lemon. Every few days she adds mānuka honey to the rim of the glass with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper.

9 || Jennifer Lopez 48

Jennifer’s simple advice is targeted to those socially active people who love to go out. Eating out a lot does make you gain weight if you’re not paying attention. Ask for low-calorie meals or just order a salad with fish. Drink lots of water throughout your meal. She always reaches for proteins whenever she gets any cravings; they fill you up and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

10 || Julianne Moore 56

Julianne believes in moderation and mixing things up. Her diet is made up of fish, vegetables, salads, and kale; pizzas are an occasional indulgence. She does Ashtanga yoga three times a week, and on the alternating days she does strength training and cardio.

11 || Kim Kardashian West 37

Clean eating is Kim’s way to maintaining a svelte figure after her pregnancies. She eats lean proteins, plenty of fruits and veggies, as well as healthy carbs. She tries not to eat anything that doesn’t grow in soil!

12 || Kristen Bell 37

Kristen’s trick is paying attention to the food’s nutritional value as versus looking only at fat or sugar content. Kristen likes to take it all in; the amount of carbs, sugars, fats, and proteins available in a meal so she can guarantee herself well-balanced meals.

13 || Halle Berry 51

Halle is very specific with regards to her physique and she has goals. She works out 5 days a week doing kick boxing and Muay Thai, she uses kettle balls and dumbbells, works on the pull up bar, does dips and sprints but avoids running long distances to protect her knees and joints. Generally speaking Halle follows a modified version of the Ketogenic diet where her meals are mostly high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb and low-sugar. She also incorporates wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella, and goji berries in her diet.

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Jul 12, 2018