Amman, February 7, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

12 Uses Of Fillers & Botox That Are Under The Radar


When things start to wrinkle women are generally not happy.. We tend to see wrinkles on our faces and automatically think fillers and Botox, but what if we see the many other undesirable aging signs and don’t consider ‘injectables’? Cases like body cellulite, wrinkly knees, elbows and chins, gummy smiles… Well, it’s time to think out of the box.. To many cases, injectables can do wonders, even though they might not be FDA approved for that specific purpose, but it is completely safe if your specialized doctor can use those off the label..

We scoured the net and found out 12 under the radar ways where expert injectors use their magical needles and some cases will actually surprise you!

1 || Sweaty Armpits

Medically known as hyperhidrosis, a condition that affects millions and can be embarrassing. Sweaty armpits can be hindered by using Botox injections.. In the skin live tiny muscles that contract to push sweat out. Injecting Botox in the armpits prevents the muscles from contracting so that there’s virtually no sweat.

2 || Twitching Eyes

With effects lasting for up to 6 months, twitching eyes can be diminished by Botox injections in the eye’s hyperactive muscle.

3 || Intense Migraines

For those suffering from nasty migraines as well as cluster headaches, using Botox around the head and neck as well as between the temples, forehead and into the hairline, can help relax the muscles that tense up during those painful episodes. Botox inhibits sensory pathways that modulate pain in migraines!

4 || Cellulite and Dimples

Using fillers to treat dimples and cellulite on the thighs provides a smoother appearance for the skin.. With the added benefit of lifting the skin so the appearance of some of that superficial crepiness and cellulite is diminished.

5 || Thinning Earlobes

Yes, we were shocked at the beginning, but surprisingly, many people are conscious about the way their earlobes lose their fullness, and become aged and damaged, looking droopy, thin and even wrinkly making the holes of the earrings even wider.. To plump up the earlobes, hyaluronic acid fillers are usually used, which helps to prevent further stretching or widening of the pierced hole.

6 || Wrinkly Knees

Sculptra Aesthetic injections are used for filling up wrinkly saggy knees.. By injecting the fine, crepey lines on the knees, this helps to soften them and the result is younger looking legs!

7 || Chin Wrinkles

Many people cannot pinpoint their aging look, that’s because their chins never come to mind in terms of an injectable part of the face.. By injecting neurotoxins in the chin, the muscle relaxes just enough to smooth out the wrinkles and give more chin projection for a stronger chin.

8 || Elbows

One of the many neglected areas in our bodies, (that is if you’re one who forgets to hydrate that area often).. Elbows are another candidate for fillers; in a rather unconventional way. By injecting the product into the elbows you will even out wrinkles..

9 || Gummy Smile

If you show more gum than tooth when you smile, a few injections of Botox may be able to help. It works by reducing movement in the upper lip by temporarily freezing the muscles that lift the upper lip when smiling, preventing the upper lip from retracting and exposing a significant amount of the gums when smiling.

10 || Teeth Grinding

Constant grinding of your teeth and clenching of your jaw can actually swell the muscles that live at the edge of the jaw and in the scalp. As these muscles become overgrown, the face can appear off balance. Injecting those muscles with Botox can soften the angles of the face and release any tension, too.

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