Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, April 16, 2018
by Suhad Shtayyeh

12 Swimwear Brands to Add to Your Little Black Book

Hunza G

You’ll be telling your age with this one. Do you remember the swimwear crinkly fabric of the Eighties? Or perhaps, the crinkly dress Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman. Well the Hunza brand responsible for this uber popular material has relaunched as Hunza G. Introducing modern silhouettes to their brand, we are expecting this label to be a winner this time round as well.


Haight is not quite what you expect when you think of Brazilian swimwear. This sleek, minimalist swimwear brand is quite fancy and perfect for a lunch by the pool or even cocktails at sunset. Not really for tanners, the cuts are pretty dramatic and terrible for tan lines.

Emma Pake

We are warning you, this British brand is pricey but very hard to resist. It’s at times like this that we ask ourselves silly questions like, “How many pieces do I need anyway? Maybe I can just buy one great one.” We all need more than one swimsuit…

If you like lines then you will love this brand. Whether it’s laces or stripes or geometric prints there is always a line or two in this collection.


Australian brand Rye is for all you cool girls out there. Hip, colorful and fun, this brand is definitely one of our favorites! To be fair it is better suited to skinny girls... their cups look tiny…

Adriana Degreas

Oh my… I think the swimwear industry should be left to the Brazilians. They really do know how to make a swimsuit and Adriana Degreas is the perfect example. Its almost ready-to-wear but for the beach, and with a swimwear fashion show that is exactly what she intended.


If you love sporty color blocking this is the brand for you. New York based Flagpole have some pretty fantastic color combinations. Their cuts are contemporary and sporty, perfect for your sports star alter ego.


If you like your boho you are going to love the Anjuna brand of swimwear. Think gypsy prints and ruffles…

This Italian brand is also a great source for beach clothing, with dresses and skirts that can be worn on the beach and beyond.

Oye Swimwear

Oye is the perfect swimwear for those fortunate curvaceous women out there. Cut seductively yet with enough coverage in all the right places this is a great label to know.


If you like your prints you are going to love Salinas. This Rio-based brand has taken prints and bright colors to a new level and it’s refreshing to those of you that are sick of the basic black bikini.

Paper London

We have always loved Paper London and their swimwear collection is giving us reason to love them even more. These are not your run-of-the-mill swimwear styles and you may feel a little out of place in a particularly casual setting. Otherwise, they are awesome.

Leslie Amon

Again a little dressier than your average day by the pool, this French brand is great for the recently popular lunch-by-the-pool events. With feminine ruffles and real forties appeal this would look great with some retro sunnies to match.

Solid and Striped

We are warning you there is no support in this swimwear brand but the collection is extensive so we had to include it. Solids and striped, as claimed this brand offers a lot of stuff for you to sift through, and there are some pieces that pads can be added to at your local seamstress.

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Apr 16, 2018