, September 23, 2018
by Hala Oran

12 Makeup Artist-Approved Beauty Tips To Try Today!

Doing your makeup has become drenched in rituals, from the order you apply your makeup to the way you hold your mascara or brushes….but don’t you think that all kinds of rituals deserve an update. Have you met any recent new tips that you were tempted to include in your beauty routine? If you haven’t… then we bet that you will definitely fall in love with our creative tips that you will be spurred to venture out of your comfort zone to give them a go. Check out our 12 ingenious makeup artist-approved tips below that are sure to delight….

1 ||

When you’re in a hurry press the mascara wand onto the inside of your upper eye lid…basically the upper waterline…this saves you the time of having to apply liner! You can do the same for your lower waterline as well.

2 ||

Search for a lipliner that is the same color of your lips. This way when you want to create fuller lips, it will look completely natural if you line outside your lips. It will still look real if the lipstick starts wearing off.

3 ||

Use moisturiser instead of highlighter. If you want that extra sheen you can apply a rich moisturiser on the high points of your face for an added oomph. Another good idea is using lip balm; you can warm it up between your fingers before pressing it on the high points of your face.

4 ||

IF you have an important event; skip the new treatments and products and stick to your trusted routine to avoid any unwanted skin reactions.

5 ||

Have you accidentally applied a little too much blush? No problem, go over your cheek with some foundation or translucent powder. This will actually give you a nice glowing-from-within effect.

6 ||

A new tip that we will sure try out involves penciling in your eye brows! Brush the eyebrow hairs down …we know you’ve been told otherwise but trust us! Then pencil in your brows backwards against the hair growth direction. This will allow to color under the hairs which gives off a more natural effect. You may also want to try going a shade or two lighter and see how you like it.

7 ||

No eyelash curler? No problem. You can use a warm spoon instead. You can even use the spoon to protect from getting mascara goo on your eyelids. Some even use it to help them draw on the winged eyeliner look.

8 ||

In need of some blotting paper? Look for toilet-seat covers….one cover equals 10 sheets of blotting paper!

9 ||

Out of dry shampoo….and no baby powder on hand? You can use your translucent powder instead!

10 ||

Did you know that you can use those beautiful new shades of eyeshadow as lipstick? Simply dab your fingers in a bit of blush or eyeshadow and pat over the lips. Set the look with a makeup setting spray. And the opposite is also true… you can use your favourite lipstick as eyeshadow …

11 ||

Do you get overwhelmed with the insane number of eyeshadows out there? Don’t be….use your trusted bronzer to give your eyelids a wash of color instead. You can also add some bronzer to your lower lash line for added definition.

12 ||

Apply your eye makeup before your foundation so you can clean up the mess without ruining your foundation.

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