, December 16, 2018
by Hala Oran

12 Fabulous & Easy Hairstyles To Carry You Through This Season!

The countdown to the New Year’s has officially begun, and with it come all sorts of last minute decisions… jumpsuit or sequin dress….or sequin jumpsuit! Shoes, bag, makeup, hair??? Thankfully we are in a position to enjoy making these urgent yet joyful decisions, so how can we make your life a little easier? By doing the research on your behalf of course. Fabulous party hair is a hit-or-miss kinda thing, you never know how your hair will actually look like until it’s probably too late to change. Fear not …we’ve got your back. 12 fabulous and easy party hairstyles at the tips of your fingers…or perhaps your stylist’s… inspired by your favourite celebs!

1 || Double Twisted Bun

This is probably a semblance of a bun, not an actual one. Gather your hair into two ponytails, with one on top of the other. Twist and pin.

2 || The Meghan Markle

We’ve already mentioned this hairstyle a few times but it’s definitely still trending. A messy bun with face-framing loose curls works day or night!

3 || Messy Pony

A messy ponytail, some curls along the length of it and a face framing loose tendril…this could become THE hairstyle of the season.

4 || Curly Genie Pony

This is quite reminiscent of our childhood’s most favourite hairstyle….some thirty years back! It comes with a twist however……literally! Twist the base of the ponytail as in the image above for an elevated look …again literally and figuratively. Slick your baby hairs for more emphasis.

5 || French Twist

A classic look that is making a comeback is the royal french twist.

6 || The Sharp Loop

You may have chosen to gather your hair in this hairdo while doing your exercise, but you may not have realised that this hairstyle can also work for a long night out. Simply pull your hair into a tight pony, but don’t pull the ends of your hair through all the way!

7 || Wet Glam Waves

Probably not an easy feat to try at home, but wet glam old-Hollywood waves are the epitome of sophistication.

8 || Shoulder-Length Tight Curls

You don’t have to be Rihanna to pull off this look. You don’t even have to have naturally-curly hair to achieve this 80’s inspired look.

9 || Bejewelled Locks

Kerry Washington’s hair stylist added a Lorraine Schwartz brooch to Kerry’s brushed-out curls. The hair was diffused using a GHD Air Diffuser while it was still wet, once it dried the stylist used a Tangle Teezer to loosen up the curls and then thoroughly teased the roots.

10 || Side-Clipped Waves

Secure sultry well-defined waves to the side with an embellished clip a lá Blakey.

11 || Pinned On The Sides

A flat center part precedes a bumped up crown. Two skinny, albeit pretty bobby pins keep the hair in place on both sides for a refreshing ‘do.

12 || Grunge It

Leave it to Kristen Stewart to grunge-style a pixie cut and make it look so glam. Elevate your short hair with a look that screams cool sophistication. Stack silver bobby pins from the side of your head all the way to the back.

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