, September 18, 2018
by Hala Oran

11 Things Riccardo Tisci Brought To The Burberry Table

If there was one thing dominating the expectations at London’s Fashion Week it probably was Riccardo Tisci’s debut Burberry show that took place on September 17th. All the details of the show were perfectly under wraps which added to the heightened mystery surrounding the event. The littlest hints that were being leaked all turned into sold-out items such as the graphic tees and sweatshirts from the new Peter Seville-designed logo, as well as the piles of shirts of all genres that simply said Burberry London England ….Burberry’s Regent street flagship store was cleared out in preparation for Tisci’s landing…so what is it about this Italian designer and what is he bringing to the Burberry table….

1 || He’s Not Wiping Out The Entire Burberry History

One thing Tisci will NOT be doing is that he won’t be wiping out the brand’s history altogether; he will be adding his own updates in a sleek yet very relevant way…. his early touches were evident from the belt bags he designed to the unisex loafers that were among his earliest launches. He also updated the men’s suits by adding a handy sling for an umbrella (probably the first of its kind) and dressed up the trench coat as a dress by adding pearls, feathers and wide belts.

2 || First Things First

Let’s get back to basics first and investigate the very first action taken by Tisci as new Creative Director of the brand….Tisci updated the brand’s logo with the help of British Art Director Peter Seville; the new logo is a more contemporary take on the 162-year-old logo.

3 || A Brave New Weave

Shortly after changing the logo, the new monogram was introduced via Instagram, and it featured a more pronounced weave that accentuated the letter B for Burberry.

4 || The New Polo

Riccardo Tisci himself modelled the new polo shirts for Burberry, where the old golden monogrammed patches were replaced by the new TB (Thomas Burberry).

5 || Shades of Camel

Tisci accentuated his love of a muted palette by featuring the first 44 looks of his debut collection in neutral shades of beige, camel, blush, brown and black with a few colourful pieces that were left to the end of the show.

6 || Nod To The 90’s

Tisci played it smart and didn’t scare off Burberry’s customers who half-feared, half expected Tisci to turn Burberry into this gothic-loving brand. However, halfway through his show there was a return-back-to-the-roots when models started coming on the runway sporting youthful and edgy 90’s punk pixie cuts, Mary Janes, slip dresses and graphic tees.

7 || See Now Buy Now

Burberry was among the first brands to adopt this new feature which allows customers the luxury of buying brand-new pieces right after a show.

8 || Digital Experience

This season Burberry will provide its customers with a complete digital experience. A certain number of items from the show will drop on Instagram shortly after a show and these will be available for purchase for a 24-hour period only. Some of these pieces will also be made available at the Regent Street flagship.

9 || Drop Model

The highly popular ‘drop model’ creates an instant buying frenzy where customers are heavily inclined to buy certain “limited edition” pieces before they sell out. Burberry will be applying the ‘drop’ model strategy on a monthly basis.

10 || Collaborations

Great collaborations are underway at the Burberry premises, and they have already announced their first partnership with Vivienne Westwood which will be launched December 2018.

11 || Social Responsibility

Burberry have followed in the path of other design houses where they launched a five-year responsibility agenda which will start with the promise of banning the use of real fur in their collections, and they will stop destroying items that are unsaleable. As a result, the runway show showcased plenty of animal-print pieces with one of the tops sporting the slogan ‘Why Did They Kill Bambi?’’ Bambi has been much-referenced in Tisci’s work over the years.

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