, September 11, 2018
by Hala Oran

11 Simple Tips To Elevate Your Looks!

We have all embraced the sneaker trend so lovingly that perhaps we’ve forgotten how to dress up again…speaking more about myself. There is nothing more comfortable and stylish than pairing your distressed jeans with sneakers and a semi-tucked in white shirt, yet it is getting increasingly difficult for me to slightly dress up at times. True we can just as easily wear our sneakers with dresses but we must admit that this look won’t work each and every time….so what’s a girl to do? How do we aspire to look smart and polished without forsaking our comfort and our own sense of style… Read below for CIIN’s 11 tips on how to elevate your looks without sacrificing your own signature style…

1 || Tuck It In

Though I personally am a HUGE fan of the half-tuck; it looks trendy, offers more comfort and is just on the right side of cool but we ALL know that a fully tucked in shirt is simply classier and more sophisticated.

2 || Structured Dresses

We have not seen more dresses on the streets than we are seeing right now. Dresses of all shapes, styles and lengths are dominating the trends yet a structured dress will always feel more grown-up if you want more sophistication.

3 || A Pop of Color

We are always encouraging you to experiment with color and you should. If you want to achieve a more sophisticated look however, then you should learn how to work bright bold colors into a more subdued palette for a more balanced look and if you want to make that color pop. Pops of color tend to look best with a beige-y neutral outfit.

4 || Button Up

Sometimes all you need to do is to wear a fully buttoned-up shirt for the shortest path to an elevated look.

5 || Embrace Shades of Fall

All shades of brown are surely making a come back these last few seasons, probably to ease us into loving the shade again after so many years. If you’re a black/white lover like me you may want to experiment with camel shades again. There is something wise and mature about that color.

6 || Match Don’t Mix

You read that right. If you want to elevate your look in a subtle way you may want to match your accessories sometimes. When you choose one accessory color and use it throughout your outfit you create instant sophistication.

7 || Balance Out Your Proportions

If you’re the type who prefers looser outfits, then you must create some sort of form to balance things out. If you’re wearing an oversized sweater try tucking it in to emphasise the waist. If you love wide leg trousers but you are on the shorter end of the scale then look for a cropped version…experiment but always keep an eye out for balance.

8 || Layer To Perfection

Layering is an art; experiment until you get it right. You are allowed to pair dresses with jeans, or wear long button-down shirts under shorter denim skirts, biker shorts with long sheer skirts and leather jackets….the sky’s the limit if it feels right.

9 || Leather

A simple yet very effective shortcut to elevate a look and add more attitude is to add leather.

10 || When In Doubt, Just Wear Black

This is probably counterintuitive but let’s face it …it works. When your creative juices are not flowing and you need to create an outfit ASAP,,,, just go all-black.

11 || Don’t Be Afraid of Flats

The Olsen twins are always stepping out in their flowing skirts and flats, and so can we. Learn to wear a sophisticated flat shoe and you will never go back again.

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