Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, March 26, 2018
by Suhad Shtayyeh

10 Swimwear Sites We Love To Shop

1 || Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova isn't just a swimwear site, but its extensive swimwear collection is impressive. Very well priced at around $30 for a one piece. The added benefit is being able to shop separates to match all in one place.

2 || Cupshe

Cupshe is a swimwear e-commerce site for the fun-loving, fashionable woman on a budget. Once again fantastically priced, you will be hard-pressed to choose only one!

3 || The Orchid Boutique

Orchid boutique is slightly more upscale than the above two sites. It is still fun-loving though. Just a reminder not to be confused by the photo, the model may be wearing both pieces but they are sold SEPARATELY.

4 || Ansary Style

Ansary Style is an actual boutique based in Germany, which explains why not all sizes are always available. On the plus side, the online boutique stocks some great brands and has a fantastic selection of beach kaftans.

5 || Mango Molli

Mango Molli stocks swimwear styles that are sportier in nature. They are for those cool girls that don't want to look like they've made too much of an effort. For those with teenage daughters, this is also the perfect site for them. Mango Molli also offers a children's collection so you can all get your shopping done at one time.

6 || Beach Cafe

Based in the UK, Beach Cafe is a multi-brand swimwear e-boutique with a strong collection of swimwear, beach wear and accessories. If you prefer to shop from a European site, this could be perfect for you.

7 || South Beach Swimsuits

Don't be phased by this sites unattractive layout, this is literally the google of swimwear. South Beach Swimsuits stocks a large variety of designers and and large collections of each. They almost always have more than one cut bottom and top to offer, its a swimwear fan's dream come true.

8 || Molly Brown Swimwear

Molly Brown is the most sophisticated of the sites we have on offer for you. Stocking a good selection of designer swimwear from labels such as VIX and Vitamin A. One of the only issues is that because it's an actual boutique stock runs out really fast.

9 || Everything But Water

Everything But Water is the go-to American upscale swimwear e-boutique. They stock great brands for all body types which is helpful, and have an extensive beach wear and accessories section.

10 || Amazing Lace

This is the site for Cali girls. Amazing Lace stocks trendy beachwear for young women with great figures. It's very 'social'. A new term that refers to the fact that they are social media driven, with lots of photos of people looking happy and prancing around. No old-fashioned product shots against white backgrounds here.

11 || Koa Swim

we love Koa Swim in general. Specialising in Eres-style swimwear that that super sophisticated without appearing sterile. The added benefit is that they are all reversible which is pretty awesome!

12 || Express

we have a conspiracy theory on the swimwear selection at Express. Firstly you need to know that Victoria's Secret and Express are both owned by the same person. So the swimwear department closes at VS, only to have a fantastic swimwear selection pop up at Express... It doesn't matter though, the selection is great.

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