, December 4, 2018
by Hala Oran

10 Rules To Master French-Style Dressing!

French-girl chic or that ‘je ne sais quoi’ has always been a mystery to us. The French girls always manage to look so stylish so put together yet still making it look so not overdone, so un-calculated….simply effortless! Countless articles have been written on the subject and now with the growing popularity of street-style fashion; we are starting to get glimpses of that elusive French-style chic, and Instagram has spoiled us rotten for choice. With the abundance of images when it comes to OOTDs or what women are wearing all over the globe it has become very easy to pick up on little hints and tips that make up the composition of that French-girl chic. It is worth noting that French-girl style has also evolved and some are venturing out of the norm of that ultra-minimal cruise style. So what are the new rules of French-girl dressing??

1 || Invest In Staples and Don’t Be Afraid To Work Them Up

Invest in wardrobe staples such as basic tees, silk shirts and blazers, but don’t fall prey to boredom. Elevate your staples with a few touches here and there; cinch your blazer with a wide belt, pair your striped shirt with feminine shoes, do the half tuck….

2 || Get A Trench Coat

A wardrobe staple and a French-style must-have is the trench coat. Not only is it one of the most versatile clothing items, it also works year-round.

3 || Tailor It With Sneakers

An important element of the French-girl style is the mixing of high-low pieces to keep it fresh and effortless. A tailored suit looks best with sneakers, same goes for pleated skirts and dresses.

4 || Ugly Jumpers Are Stylish Again

Another juxtaposition that is a staple of French street style is the ugly jumper. Pair your nerdy jumper with high-waisted jeans and ankle boots, or with barely-there skirts and over-the-knee boots. Not sure what qualifies as a nerdy jumper? Think Christmas sweaters!

5 || Animal-Print

Indeed animal-print is the new neutral and this is a universal thing and not just French, but of course the French do it best.

6 || Mind Your Heel

One thing the French never do …is to walk around in too-high heels. You don’t need extra-high heels to make your legs look shapelier or for you to look and feel sexier…if you can’t walk in them let alone dance then they’re out! Invest in sultry sling-backs, block-heel boots or kitten heeled mules.

7 || Mix Feminine With Masculine

Mixing feminine with masculine is another way of playing around the French-style. Pair a baggy pair of jeans with high heels and a silk shirt, or short skirts with flats and oversized sweaters. Think in terms of opposites.

8 || White Jeans/Pants …In Winter

The French never shy away from breaking the rules and one of these rules is to embrace winter whites, namely white jeans or pants in winter.

9 || Accessorise Unconsciously

French women wear jewelry almost as if they were born with it! Be it a dainty gold chain, gold hoop earrings, a Cartier Love bracelet, or a menswear-style watch. They also love to layer, be they gold pendants, thin or chunky gold or silver rings, hoop earrings of all sizes…

10 || Master Nonchalance…

Whatever you wear and wherever you are…always give off a certain degree of nonchalance! This is the ultimate French way!

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