Some seasons seem to come and go without any serious changes, this fall season is not one of them. Fashion creativity is at it's peak, and some say it has a lot to do with the political and economic turmoil the world is in. As Alber Elbaz of Lanvin says, “maybe it's the feminine survival instinct. When we feel down, maybe we need a nice dress or coat to face the world."

#1 Top To Bottom Knits

This season's medium-knit skirts and matching tops have an updated eighties feel to them. They ooze comfort and sophistication. To get this look right, keep the knits medium, fine knits will highlight every body bump and panty-line and a chunky knits will appear baggy and dated.

#2 Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots remind us of red light districts and cheap clothes. Fear not, this fall, suede thigh highs have a seventies boho vibe to them in shades of tan. If you prefer a more sophisticated look, go for a black boot with a modern single colored outfit. The more colors you add to this look, the more likely you are to get it wrong.

#3 A Box Bag

You may want to keep your daytime bag close by as these box bags won't take much. They will update your fall look though. Go all out with a fun colorful bag for the most bang for your buck.

#4 A Pussy Bow Collar

This will give you an air of sophistication when tied close to the neck. We love this look with a blazer or knit cardigan/sweater. If you want a more relaxed look, wear the blouse on its own, open the top two buttons and let those ties flow.

#5 Socks And Sandals

This trend just won't go away, so perhaps you should give it a try. If you are new to the trend try black socks with black sandals, looking like classic booties from afar, they will ease you into the trend.

Sep 9, 2015