Amman, August 9, 2016
by Yasmeen Shawwa

10 In-Flight Tips You Must Know About

No matter how glamorously you try to work that stylish and dewy airport look, you -most of the time- end up arriving at your destination looking like, well, crap.. It’s time for a game plan. Why not arrive with voluminous hair, glowing skin, bright eyes, the picture of health, and no bloat, damn it! CIIN helps you accomplish this through a few essential beauty products, supplements, and avoiding the number-one airplane beauty killer: dehydration.

1 ||

Incorporate a pre-flight hydration plan, rub sweet almond oil on your skin, argan oil on your hair, and shea butter on your feet before leaving the house. Also drink a lot of water and green juice, for inner gut hydration..


2 ||

Wash your face often, it is not recommend to wash your face with water coming out of an airplane sink. Instead, use Avene Spray d'Eau Thermale. moreover, use pre-moistened makeup remover cloths to remove any makeup residues or just clean the skin mid-or post- travel.. CIIN loves Nitrogena or MAC.


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A tube of Yu-Be is a must in your plane toiletry bag! It's a cult Japanese glycerine-based moisturizer that was apparently developed by mountain climbers. It feels gross for exactly one second, and then your skin drinks it up and gets super-supple. It also has a menthol smell, which helps you breathe and relax. Use it on your hands and face to keep your skin dewy during the flight..

4 ||

Ayr saline gel. Ideal for nasal dehydration during flight. Simply smear the gel around the inside of your nose and no more dry burning.

5 ||

Use Egyptian Magic cream and smear a generous layer of this rich moisturiser over your lips every now and then..

6 ||

Use Herban Essentials Lemon Towelettes to freshen up your underarms and lady bits.

7 ||

You want to have makeup on? Then use bare minimum "no makeup" makeup, Revlon PhotoReady Concealer over blemishes, Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash mascara, eyebrow gel, and lipstick (on your cheeks too). As a final touch to make you look more alert, use Benefit Watt's Up on the inner corners of your eyes and a few drops of Visine to brighten up your eyes.

8 ||

Pack some cucumber eye pads.. Pre moistened pads soothe and refresh tired and puffy eyes. These can be refrigerated prior to travel to further refresh and combat puffiness due to flight.

9 ||

Keep you dry shampoo at hand, it helps combat oily scalp or limp hair especially during long never-ending flights..

10 ||

Finally, tie your hair in a scarf to combat bad hair at the end of a long flight- make it Hermes to add extra glamour!

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