Amman, March 16, 2017
by Georgiet Kamel

10 Flawless Aged Beauties

Being a celebrity can be a stressful lifestyle, full of paparazzi and pressure. But there are also its upsides – there’s a whole class of celebrities in Hollywood who appear to have discovered the fountain of youth, and look way younger than their actual years. These stars seriously don’t get older, and their radiance is enviable!

1 || Jennifer Lopez, 47

"I don’t deprive myself of food. But I’ve taught myself to understand how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle. For example, I always have a healthy snack with me, like fruit or some vegetables."

2 || Halle Berry, 50

Halle Berry isn’t all beauty and brains – she was diagnosed with diabetes at a young age, and always had to keep an eye on her health. That hyper awareness led to the star taking care of herself more, and resulted in an extremely youthful hottie at age 50.

3 || Cindy Crawford, 50

"Everyone thinks that models have perfect figures right from the beginning, but that’s not true. I never focus on the things I like about myself, and instead I’m always thinking about what I need to watch out for. Being beautiful is not easy."

4 || Elle Macpherson, 52

"I get my motivation from feelings of joy, inspiration, passion, tranquility, and strength. All of this is more important to me than the numbers on the scales, and it’s what drives me to eat properly and work out."

5 || Sharon Stone, 58

"I’ve never seriously thought about whether I’m beautiful or not. But I do know one magical trick — I know how to create the illusion of being attractive. When a woman walks into the room, people don’t react to her beauty, but to the energy and strength which she radiates."

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Mar 16, 2017