, December 18, 2018
by Hala Oran

10 Eye Makeup Tips To Keep Your Eyes Looking Younger For Longer!

It happened suddenly! I used to be able to flick my liquid eye liner expertly with the tip perfectly angled and tapered. All of a sudden I stopped being able to master this flick …and on my right eye to be exact… I though perhaps my eyes are puffy or that I’d slept on the right side a minute too long…Despite all of my excuses it just didn’t occur to me that the shape of my eyes may have changed! It took a while for me to realise it, and what an eye-opening experience it was! And not in a pleasant way! Aging gracefully is not a gradual process it is actually a series of shocking revelations much like my experience above… like catching your reflection in an unfamiliar mirror or stumbling upon a photo of yourself that doesn’t do you justice! So when the reality of change settled in, I began a process of research of course…how to best apply my eye makeup working with and enhancing what I have…below are my tips!

1 || Primer

Now’s the time to make use of that tube of primer that you got talked into buying but never really used. Primer is the secret of flawless makeup, apply it over your eyelids to keep the eye shadow in place and you can even apply it to your eyelashes. A good hack to remember is that a primer can also be used to clean up mistakes!

2 || Conceal

Now that we’re getting older we can’t help but notice the slightly darkening areas around our eye sockets. The solution? Concealer! Choose a shade or two lighter than your normal skin tone and apply concealer with your fingertips to dab on the inner corners of the eyes for example as these tend to darken first.

3 || Less Is More

This probably applies to more mature women but as we get older adding this much eyeliner and eyeshadow not only looks messy but seems to add years to your look. Sweep a nude eye shadow during the day, and for nights out apply a lightly darker color to the crease for added definition. Make sure to stay away from your browbone! Always choose the pricier eyeshadow option as these tend to have more pigment and longer-staying power.

4 || Trending Eyeshadows

If you cannot resist the look of the trending eyeshadows of the moment then don’t. If you’re craving a pinkish look for example, make sure you choose a subtle pink and gradually build it up. When applying the eyeshadow shades of the moment, dab them in a circular motion on the crease going slightly higher so that the color can still be evident even over hooded lids.

5 || Eyeliner

You may want to avoid thick back liner but if you can’t give it up then smudge it using a cotton swab. But generally speaking brown eyeliner is more forgiving. You can also use dark eye shadow to emulate the look of eyeliner by dabbing on the outer corners of your eyes with a makeup brush. Liquid eyeliner becomes less recommended as we grow older but if you can’t live without it then the trick is to keep the line thin.

6 || Lower Lids

Though many makeup artists start to avoid applying liner to lower lashes but in fact lining the lower lashes does open up the eyes. Line the lower lid just under the lashes and soften the look with your pinky. Or you could dip a small brush in the darkest eye shadow color in your palette and draw a line under your eye. This helps you create a naturally smudgy look that looks great.

7 || Know Your Colors

Applying the right shade that matches your coloring does wonders for you. Brown eyes look great in all colors, green eyes look best with a bit of purple, while blue eyes pop with earth tones. Find out your best match and experiment till you get it right.

8 || Warm Up Your Eyelash Curler

As we get older it becomes a must to use an eyelash curler. For best results warm up your eyelash curler using a blow dryer for a few seconds, feel it so it’s not too hot for your eye, and then curl.

9 || Lengthening Mascara

Choose lengthening mascaras instead of volumizing. You need length and not bulk to counteract the effects of eyes that have unfortunately begun to sunk in. Start applying the mascara at the roots wiggling the wand back and forth so you get as much as you can on the base of your lashes. Apply your second and third coats while the lashes are still wet with mascara. On the lower lashes, simply dab the mascara wand on the lashes for some added definition.

10 || Don’t Forget Your Eyebrows

The eyebrows will frame your eyes and if you wear glasses then all the more reason to pay attention to your brows. Fill in any sparse areas with a shadow or a thin pencil using short feathered strokes. You just need to fake the appearance of more eyebrow hair.

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