Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, January 3, 2018
by Suhad Shtayyeh

10 Customized Luxury Brands We Would Love To Own

One of the resolutions on every fashionista’s list is originality, attempting to show your unique self when the fashion world’s press is trying to convince you that only the Gucci slipper is worth owning.Well we have put together 10 brands that say, ‘I am special’ in more than one way.Happy shopping.

Mules by Alepel

We all know how comfortable mules are but the thought of wearing something as popular as Gucci is painful for some.We love the handpainted mules by Alepel which are exclusive to Maison de Mode. Each pair is unique which is so very hard to find nowadays.

Kismet by Milka - Charm Collection

Milka Karaagacli is a big name in Hollywood, from Bella Hadid to Madonna have worn Kismet by Milka.Our favorite collection is Charm, a line of pretty charms to create your own charm bracelet.

La Californienne

This California-based company specializes in restoring vintage timepieces, specifically Rolex and Cartier, and reimagining them in bold colors.Each dial and strap is hand-painted to produce a unique timepiece.


If you like Nike as much as we do, you will be super-keen to use the NIKEiD feature where you customize your own pair of sneakers.Choose from a wide variety of Nike styles, in the shoe and accessories department and have your imagination run wild. With the vast array of options available the sky truly is the limit.


Chaos produces customized phone covers and small accessories.Their edge is the luxurious quality of their products without sacrificing the fun-loving element of personalisation.Super-popular with the fashion set, including Victoria Beckham and Cara Delevingne, it’s hard not to find a celebrity sporting these trendy covers.

Elizabeth Weinstock

With the vast array of brands that offer customization, this company differentiates itself with its broad range of products.Whether you are in the market for a pair of luxurious customized boxing gloves or a handbag or even a biker jacket this is the place for you.

Medium Rare Product

This little company is the fashion world’s best kept secret. The maker of the customized Louis Vuitton handbags you usually see on celebrities. Not satisfied with merely painting these vintage pieces, they add a variety of ribbons, crochet etc to make a truly unique product.


This luxury clothing brand will always be unique, a quick scan through their page and you can tell how much love and attention has gone into each item.All handmade in a whimsical style, you really can’t get enough of this company.With this amount of detail the price tag is certainly, warranted, the good news is there is a variety of products to suit every budget.


We are obsessed with this Japanese company that customizes jackets, handbags and accessories in a very unique way.Using metal charms and grungy details it is hard to find a company that can compare to Gunda if you like their style.

Maison Ravn

What if we told you that no one in the whole world would have the same bag as you.Once produced it is never reproduced.This is the promise of Parisian handbag brand Maison Ravn, where each bag is created as a work of art with luxurious fabrics and leathers.They also use playful letters and numbers to add charm.Named and numbered you can rest assured that your bag is as unique as you are.

Jan 3, 2018