, February 6, 2018
by Hala Oran

10 Benefits of Using A Jade Roller!

 Jade Roller

We have been seeing these cuties around lately and while you probably may have an idea about them but do we really know what exactly they do? Jade rollers have been getting quite the media attention lately and many are getting into the trend. So let’s find out together what the hype is all about!!

Putting it simply, a jade roller is a tool made from solid jade stone whereby a larger cylindrical stone can be rolled around the cheeks, jaw and forehead and a smaller stone is used for the under-eye area and the mouth. Used by the Chinese centuries ago; jade rollers have a multitude of benefits as we will explore together. They are quite easy to use, are extremely pretty, and quite affordable. Jade rollers are used by rolling them upwards and outwards on your face. For best results they should be used 4-5 times a week. Check the video below for tips on how to use a jade roller.

Jade rollers have a number of benefits, check them out below.

1 || De-Puffing

Jade rollers’ rolling action helps de-bloat the face by flushing away excess fluid around the face.

2 || Detoxifying

Moving the jade roller around the face increase circulation and helps flush away the toxins through lymphatic drainage.

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3 || Absorption of Creams and Serums

Using a jade roller after applying your favourite cream or serum leads to better absorption of the products. Additionally, a jade roller can be used to prep the skin for facials as it stimulates to skin to become more receptive to products.

 Jade Roller

4 || Improve Skin Tone

The increase in blood flow around the face helps in bringing oxygen back to the surface of the skin and thus help improve skin tone and lead to a glowing complexion.

5 || Improves Elasticity

Jade rollers clear out the blockages in your face caused by over using your facial muscles and this way they help improve elasticity.

 Jade Roller

6 || Improves the Appearance of Under-Eye Bags and Circles

Regular use of the jade rollers on the under-eye area is shown to significantly improve the appearance of dark circles and under-eye bags.

7 || Balancing the Skin

Jade rollers are quite flexible, they can easily bring back the balance to our skin when seasons change. This can be achieved by placing the rollers in warm water prior to using them in winter, and alternately we can place them in the fridge if we want to use them for a cooling effect or even instead of icing the skin.

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8 || Tightens Pores

Rolling a cold jade roller over the face helps tighten pores especially if the roller has been further cooled previously.

 Jade Roller

9 || Headaches and Sinus Pains

Jade rollers have been known to help relieve sinus pain and congestion and to help with related headaches.

10 || Increasing Chi

Use a jade roller to enliven a sallow complexion by energising your Chi which is the “life force energy” that can be activated by bringing new fresh blood and thus refreshing the face.

We recommend the below jade rollers:

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Feb 6, 2018